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Fashion design and shopping in Berlin


Fashion in Berlin. The pace of change has made East Berlin unrecognizable to those who knew it from Socialist times. While big parts of long neglected historic Berlin are fixed and now hosting a flock of art galeries and designer stores the fashion scene spreads from Socialist ready mades to abandoned industrial sights of East and West. Industrial sites of socialism at the same time were left deserted and get invaded by creative new usage or fashionable living in sometimes most unlikely spots. The fashion crowd transits between Socialist Modernism and remodeled glitz of brand new Baroque parts of Mitte. A crowd of fashion addicts and those who set trends while denying to be fashionable at all. In Berlin it appears that it’s considered fashion when it hurts in the eyes. Vintage is recycling fashion from yesterday into latest trends in a breathtaking speed. Glamouros flagship stores next to trash and decay as well as brand new – or: guerrilla stores at hot spots appearing and disappearing before they’ve made it into travel guides. Guerilla stores are as if they have ever been a Berlin phenomenon. Pioneering in still neglected areas or popping up at or near hot spots of urban scenes and before anyone gets used to them giving way again to fast food spots retail shops or art galleries.

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