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Shopping online for Comme des Garcons


Oh! You think it’s like that. Type commedesgarconsdotcomme, shop around, picture big, turn, mail order. Comme on! It’s not like that – we are talking exclusive fashion here. Even if you can do, DON’T! Find a shop. Try on the stuff. Enjoy the findings. Don’t be a girl with Comme des Garcons. Now you know what you want and you are desperate? Different story. CALL for G’s sake. Here are store offers – and do not expect them to be waiting call center like (don’t call on Saturdays!). So what do we have: Of course and foremost Lil in Berlin in Lil’s shop which is kind of the inheritance of the first Comme des Garcons guerrilla store outside of Japan and she might get you stuff you don’t get anywhere. The foremost and officiel Doverstreetmarket in London (yeees shop online! big picture. put in cart. but don’t expect to get the kick!). Then there is tresbienshop based in Sweden. Should you order across border? How do we know? Call them. Then tell us! Hm – no shop in the US?! Anyone?


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