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Comme des Garcons !


This site is dedicated to Japanese luxury fashion label Comme des Garcons and dedicated to all the people who share our addiction for it. The number of visitors is absolutely stunning. For some time it has solely featured the Berlin CDG guerrilla store – still let’s figure this out: Are you looking for
any guerrilla store (not necessarily CdG)? For the latest in Comme des Garcons fashion and accessories? For Comme des Garcons online or near where you live or where you just want to travel? Click one so that we know what you are looking for.

Comme des Garcons is almost always understated but recognized on the street. At the cloak room though you might catch a hint that your stuff has tears and rips as they do come in spots that don’t qualify for decorative effects. High quality in fabrics in combination with deconstructed design always with a great sense of humour, these are the ingredients of the label based in Tokyo and Paris.

We are constantly searching for ways and sources to get Comme des Garcons fashion and accessories – preferrably at a discount. We are also especially interested in Commes des Garcons vintage and second season and limited editions in Berlin as well as Japan, the US, Italy and France, Russia and the rest of the world.

Some shopping options are found here. Apart from this catch up with us. In case you know of good sources yourself DO WRITE and we publish them here.


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